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Luxury 2-bedroom/1.5-bathroom detached houses in villa complex 6km from the beach in Sunny beach

Luxury 2-bedroom/1.5-bathroom detached houses in villa complex  6km from the beach in Sunny beach
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Luxury off-plan detached 2-bedroom/1.5-bathroom houses "Villa Nova"for sale in villa complex Sunset Villas in absolute tranquility in the skirts of Stara Planina mountain and only  6km from the beach in Sunny beach resort, Bulgaria. Each house is built in a period of 9-12 months, depending on the standard of the building and the selected additional amenities from the buyer.
In the picturesque village Kosharitsa, near the resort Sunny Beach. The villas are situated in a unique place in the foot of the mountains and near the sea, as part of a complex Sunset Kosharitsa.
• The closest airport is in Bourgas (BOJ), about 40 km away
• Closest city/town Sunny Beach, about 6 km away
• Food shop: 0.2 km.
• Hospital: 6 km.
• Bus stop: 0.2 km.
• Railway station: 35 km.
• School: 9 km.
The concept of the mini resort is to create a different place for relaxation and permanent living which combines a quiet location and the closeness to a forest and the slopes of Stara Planina Mountain with the proximity (about 6 km or a 10-minute drive) to one of the best seaside resorts in Bulgaria Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas. The concept also includes a variety of extras and entertainments and an option for an active break. All this is combined with excellent on-site servicing provided by a team of professionals working in the field of management and maintenance of holiday developments in our subsidiary company.
At present Sunset Kosharitsa is a fully finished resort with functioning facilities, trading areas and restaurants and cafes. As part of the chain of apartment complexes, it welcomes tourists and hosts company events all year round. A lot of families live here permanently and holiday apartment owners come often.
Sunset Villas is the fourth and most elite phase of the mini resort Sunset Kosharitsa. The first 5 sold villas are completed and are operational!

  • The villas are set on an adjacent plot of land with an area of about 11,000 square meters and they are physically and functionally incorporated to the already existing mini resort.
  • Essentially, Sunset Villas is a complex of 18 family houses, each with its own fenced garden.
  • They are located in the beautiful outskirts of the village of Kosharitsa, only 6 km from Sunny Beach, providing a tranquil place for a break away from the noise of the big resort.
  • With its panoramic view to the seacoast and the coolness of the forest this gated resort combines everything necessary for a thorough rest or permanent living.
  • The Sunset Villas project is specially designed to give you the coziness and spaciousness you need and to introduce harmony, enjoyment and perfection to your holiday.
  • Each of the houses and their gardens are created with love and inspiration, as special attention is paid to every detail and to your needs the result being a unique product.

Here you will discover the secret of good life and the pleasure derived from a truly relaxing break. Here will be your long sought haven from the busy life in the big city and you will charge yourself with positive energy and inspiration. Here you and your family will feel truly happy and surrounded with care, as our staff will take care of your every whim making this the place to which you will want to come again and again.
Here is where your children will play in a protected environment, they will have the freedom to unleash their fantasy, to get to know nature, its power and charm and last but not least – they will learn to value beauty and things eternal, which one has less chance to find in the busy and hectic cities.
In the rhythm of the big city, amongst the numerous meetings and work projects it becomes more and more difficult to find true luxury. That is because luxury doesn’t mean only a nice and elegant home or office but much more – it is a combination of a perfect environment, nice experiences, a rejuvenating break, quality food and wine, an accessible relax zone, secure environment for the children, love, positive emotions, peace for the mind and soul.
"Sunset Villas" - is an ensemble of 18 houses, which are located adjacent to the site of the complex "Sunset Kosharitsa" (area of ​​11 000 sq m), which is bordered on both sides with asphalt roads. Each house is situated in its own of the land area of ​​about 500 square meters, with rich greenery and unique views of the countryside.

  • The design and architecture of each house are different from each other and essentially unique. There are three types of houses, one of which is available with or without a verandah. All houses have their own look in a modern Mediterranean style, but at the same time, they are bright, with large windows, ready to skip inside the first rays of the sun, and provide an opportunity to move beyond the terrace and enjoy the unique views and feel the freedom of space, inhale the scent of the garden and feel the purity the natural environment.
  • Pools to the house, suggested places for children's corner, barbecue performed at your request (additional charge), in accordance with features of the adjacent territory, free garden space around the house and its functionality.
  • Space on which the villas are built, divided into 18 separate plot. Slight southern slope allows a nice sea view from each house, and the forest in the upper part of the hill provides a natural defense complex. Parking in designated parking spaces at the periphery of the complex, with access to every home via walkways. Directions machines walkway prohibited. This ensures a safe and secure environment created with special care for the safety of your children and pets.
  • The villas are located in the northwestern part of the areas thus remains enough space for a luscious garden in the south-east, to the sea, for maximum light. Plans made ​​to fit the concept. All rooms enjoy a panoramic view and the luxury of a garden space. All houses are designed on two floors, which makes that one property to another threw a shadow adds to the harmonic view of the overall composition. Vegetation is placed so that it visually separates the house from each other, provides the necessary independence and privacy for most full of comfort. Fences and low, with delicate wooden sections, providing at the same time there is a sense that the shadow is pressed.
  • Important part of the overall planning of the object - the interchangeability as houses and the adjacent space to each of them, including the shaping of the green parts. Chance of a personal approach to each site, the options of materials, a variety of shaping of the gardens and pools that meet the individual needs of each client. Thus, a unique blend of complex habitat - associated, united and secure e primary advantages of owning your own home with a personal touch.
  • Every buyer can choose one of three types of houses, as well as the land on which it is built. Any possible changes to the architecture and form of houses, on request. Each processing original projects paid additionally. Possible extras and special equipment at additional cost.
  • There is an opportunity for the client who has already chosen site, move to another plot or combine your site with the adjacent (if possible). For more information, please contact your sales agent.

The villas are offered for sale unfurnished or fully furnished, depending on the chosen degree of completion:


  • "Villa Nova" - BUILT-UP AREA 106.1 SQM - A modern interpretation of a Mediterranean house with a sloped roof and a romantic view. "Villa Nova" - an interpretation of the spirit of the Mediterranean on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Here the emphasis is on the visible beam of ebony at the eaves, narrow rounded windows on the second floor, the black metal railing, tailored specifically for the project. Two shades of beige complement the exterior shaping and light white details complete idea and reinforce the emphasis placed on the top of the villa. The layout of  "Villa Nova" - living room with dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, 2 bedrooms with their own terraces on the second floor - to the south and east. On the northern side of the utility and communication facilities, comfortable and compact. The dining room and living room overlook the patio, covered with wooden pergola, dark color is the same as the dark wood and roofed, beautifully completing the idea of the villa. There is direct access to the nice yard and a kidney-shaped swimming pool. Oval shaped vertical planning romantic promote the overall composition. "Villa Nova" is suitable for the area with the entrance on the left, completely separated from the yard. Result - harmonic and soothing environment offers affordable luxury for all perception.

Degree of completion: turn key, ready for furnishing.
Prices are without 20% VAT!
Villa "Nova» (106.1 m2) - 82 758 Euro
Villa "Rocca» (111.9 m2) - 87 282 Euro
Villa "Vanilla" without verandas (128 m2) - 99 840 Euro
Villa "Vanilla" with veranda (144.3 m2) - 112 554 Euro
Villa "Vanilla" with veranda and basement (216.3 m2) - 168714 Euro
Villa "Tuscany» (149.2 m2) - 116 376 Euro
Villa "Augustine» (347.6 m2) - 271 128 Euro
The degree of completion, "according to the customer" - the price is based on the individual proposals that are made within 14 days from the date of payment of the deposit and specifying the details of the projects.
After paying the deposit within the period of 45 days shall be issued a building permit and begin construction of the house, except in cases where this period coincides with the season from May 1 to October 1. In this case, the construction begins after October 1st.
SCHEME and method of payment

Standard payment plan:
The I installment - 50% of the initial payment.
II installment - 40% in rough structure
III installment - 10% is paid upon receipt of Act 15
Scheme with 5% discount:
The I installment - 95% of the initial payment.
The I fee - 5% upon receipt of Act 15
Scheme with a 5% price increase:
The I installment - 20% deposit at time of booking. The deposit is nonrefundable.
II installment - 30% in rough structure
ІІ- installment - 50% is paid upon receipt of Act 15
Payment plan in installments of up to 3 years and 12% rise in price in a year
First payment: 30% at the beginning of the construction work and within 14 days of signing the contract with the development company
Subsequent payments: by individual arrangement plan with the buyer in accordance with his ability and desire. The maximum repayment period value of the property is three years, and the rise in price in a year is 12%.
Already built resale villlas for sale in complex Sunset Villas:


Discounted price
Price: € 94430
€ 82758
106.1 sq.m.
780.00 €/sq.m.
  • No commission
  • Deferred payment from 1-5 years

House/Villa - 2-bedroom

Kosharitsa village

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Terraces: 2
Furniture: unfurnished
Type of Building: Brick
Completion: Under construction


  • BBQ
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • Garage
  • Jaccuzzi
  • internet
  • fireplace
  • air-conditioner
  • Local heating
  • Parking
  • sauna
  • Pool view
  • Mountain view


  • In apart-complex
  • In sea resort
  • Up to 10 km from the beach
  • From 1000 m. from beach
  • South seaside
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