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Information about Kavarna

Location and history

International transportation (airport or other closely spaced which airlines serve the region, trains, buses), the transport network of the city. Tourists and other visitors.
Kavarna region occupies the eastern zone of the Danube plain and is part of Dobrudzha coast. Area- 483 000 hectares, 21 settlements and 74 000 sq. m of sea coastline. The city operates regular transport to the nearest populated places, to Sofia, Varna and the international airport "Varna" 65 km. At 40 km from Kavarna passes
border with Romania.
Kavarna is one of the ancient cities of our Black Sea coast. At the site of the present town a Thracian settlement existed. In the V century BC by Greek colonists were involved in a convenient location bays, springs, fertile land and strategic location. They founded a colony at Cape Chirakman bison, in the first half of the I century BC. e. during an earthquake frontal part of the cape chipping and city drowning in the sea.
During the Roman Empire, it restores the old name and the city quickly begins to flourish. In the VII century Kavarna destroyed Slavic and prabolgarskimi tribes who settled at the Cape Chirakman and established a settlement Karvuna. In the Middle Ages Karvuna already famous city. The current IME was first mentioned at the beginning of the fifteenth century. During the Turkish invasion the town was almost destroyed, but in the second half of the XVII century, built up again. Memorable date in the history of the city will be in 1877, when kavarna people uprisings. The town was subject to almost complete extermination and only after the Liberation, is resurrected as a living monument to bygone rebels feat.
Economy, investment and development of real estate market

Currently, Kavarna - a modern city with excellent infrastructure and the development of services. Its architecture and the device meets all requirements of the European Union. Highways leading to tourist destinations - refurbished. New environmental trails attract tourists. Booming economy and cultural agitation attract the attention of Bulgarian and foreign investors. According to the draft Gary Player near Kavarna built golf courts, one of which takes the fifth place in the world. Municipal Stadium turned into a field of many world famous personalities. This entitles citizens feel kavarnenchanam rock capital of the Balkans. Only in the last three years the regional budget increased by 4 times. At present
Kavarna implemented many projects: the construction of golf courses; isolation of new beach bars; Promotion and development of regional tourism a capacity; modernization of infrastructure in regional villages; construction of a new water treatment plant; construction of a mini-football field at UEFA standards; prektirovanie local plantation clams and many other projects, the results of which will not keep you waiting.
Kavarna has a fishing village, a yacht marina, beach strip and gradually increase the number of complexes. Suitable for use resources allow konkuretnosposobnosti products, especially in the field of grain production and the food industry, which is predpostavkoy interest investors, lenders and partners. The region is one of the first big agricultural producers. Here also is the base of production and processing of shellfish.
Large and well-known companies prefer to open offices or develop activities here. How Come?
Over the past two years due to the tourist influx, Kavarna has turned into one of the destinations for the development of attractive real estate investment on the Bulgarian northern coast. Many Bulgarian and international firms and firms with foreign participation have invested here have their offices, as our company "BGP Servise" LTD. Investors as Planex Ltd, An & Di Ltd, Innovative Creations, IC Build Ltd, CPM Ltd et al. Have already invested millions of leva. The world-famous Gary Player and Ian Woosnam designed
3 golf courses in the area. Here are some interesting facts - Swedish count Michael James is building a complex of country houses in one of the closest villages. French and Spanish investors continue to build hotels and gated complex. Not only konkuretnosposobnye company brought these places. Maybe we already know that rock stars more than 20 world-famous compositions concerts held in this small town that serves as an example for other Bulgarian municipalities. Names such as Glenn Hughes, John Lawton, Dio, Billy Idol, Philip Kirkorov, Ivo Papazov (Ibryama) collected thousands of people here. No wonder the mayor of the city, a man chosen Tsonko Tsonev 2005.
For the development of the economic sector is the importance of agriculture, tourism, food processing and light. Flat and hilly terrain and mild climate - the prerequisites for the construction of golf courses. The local government offers a variety facilitate the investors -
the right to build. If you decide to invest here, the municipality will provide you with support and assistance, depending on your investment.
On the other hand the Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment to reduce the corporate tax rate by 5%, which means - income tax became - 10%, and not as before - 15%.
In recent years, property prices close to golf courses has increased significantly. On the other hand, the price of real estate located in other parts of the region remained the same, because of superabundance in the market.
Expected price increase in the membership of Bulgaria in the EU. This is the main reason for the acquisition of the interest for investment purposes. Prices in the region
are still available, so there is still time for good investment. Prices for apartments in a gated complex to the beach -
1 000-1150 euro / sqm. m. Prices variruyut depending on the season: summer reach about 150 euro / sq. m, and in winter - fall. So investments in winter will bring more benefits.
Here you can find land from 1150 to 1 000 000 euros, zavisimostiot status area, location and size. The minimum average price for a house near
8000 euro price increase depends on its condition, location, built-up area and garden uchaskta. Prices for renting offices in the downtown area are increasing as a result of the reconstruction on European standards.
Factors influencing the potential for investment:
• Bulgaria - a member of the EU;
• Region took shape as golflandiya (Golf The series) - one of the five highest courts in Europe, is based here. Near the town is built another court on the draft Gary Player, who has bought immovable property here;
• The town is small and intimate, offering suitable conditions for recreation;
• The region offers all the amenities for a comfortable life;
• Settlement is not crowded, but at the same time collect a lot of rock stars
and tourists;
• The area is rich in ancient historical sites;
• Excellent potential that constantly develops the mayor of the city;
• Strategic location, giving conditions for business development of quick-impact;
• Infrastructure development and good future for the hospitable people in the villages where there are projects raztitiyu agriculture and ecotourism;
• The level of criminal offenses - low;
• There are no beggars and vagabonds;
• The hospitality of the local population;


In recent years Kavarna has become attractant destination for tourism fairs in Sofia, Berlin, Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. Marine tourism has become the brand of the city. The rich cultural and historical heritage is the basis of archaeological tourism. In the field of rich potential and unused resources for tourism development. The composition of the territory consists of three resorts - Ikantalyk, Bolat and Mermaid. The annual cultural calendar is rich in festivals, which in its scope may well compete with those in Europe and in Bulgaria itself, generally. Thousands of tourists visit the famous "Summer Life Fest", to sing with their idols such groups as: "Uriah Heap", Saxon "," Rainbow "," Black Sabbath "," Deep Purple "," Masterplan "," Axel Rudi Pell "," Scorpions "," White Snake "," Slipknot "and others.
The region has a well-developed base for cultural, rural and hunting tourism. Kavarna offers the opportunity to develop ecotourism in
all forms. Guests can relax with the family in one of the houses in the village Bulgarevo, Kamen Bryag or Topola. Fans of non-traditional tourism can observe and photograph rare species of birds, plants, fish and even dolphins. You will be offered to meet with a rich cultural and historical heritage. In the spring of Kavarna is presented in a unique "costume" when steppe plants bloom in all its glory. Bird lovers can capture your favorite moments throughout the year. Big is biological diversity of birds attracts tourists from all over the world and makes Kaliakra and Yaaylata in a well-developed ornithological tourism zone. The presence of mineral springs develops medical tourism - are carried out the treatment and prevention of diseases. Development of modern infrastructure and alternative forms of tourism - the reason to increase investment in the region. The main reasons for the influx of tourists - rock concerts and golf courts.
Kavarna has a good base for the development of golf sport. The sea and the beach strip excellent conditions for a variety of marine and underwater sports. You can swim in the Olympic-sized pool with mineral water. There are mini and big football field, where football fans can play. Do other sports: tennis, fishing, hunting or just take a walk. It all depends on the desires of tourists.


If you decide to visit Kavarna, you need to know where you will spend your free time, where rest, where you go to a party, which places deserve your attention:
• In the central part of the city you can find all the necessary amenities such as a lobby bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons, banks, information centers, museums, churches, galleries, ethnographic villages, post office, police, hospital;
• Golf courts in the construction phase in Topola and Bozhurets;
• Valley yavlig;
• Dalboki - a place that offers fresh shellfish from the farm;
• Cape Kaliakra with embedded into the sea wedge forming a horseshoe-shaped bay. Kalikra - one of the rare places in Europe where you can find rare specimens of animals;
• Bolat - wet area nesting more than 150 species of waterfowl;
• Yaaylata - National Archaeological Reserve, located in the village. Kamen Beach. Here in the summer pours wine and brandy thick with the scent of herbs and figs. Visit the National Park, you will feel the spirit of ancient life. Here you can see how dancing dolphins;
• Taekliman - "Bird Cove", where the holiday village "Mermaid";
• "White Lagoon" - a resort, thanks to the fast-paced golf courses;
• "Kavarna Land" - one of the future projects of the region


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