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Saint Vlas holiday village resort Video>>
Saint Vlas properties. Real estates for sale and for rent in St. Vlas Bulgaria. Bulgarian Properties. Luxury properties in Bulgaria.

A costal road leading east from Sunny beach passes through St. Vlas, a srawling local village whose spruced-up environs attests to lucrative spill-over business from Sunny beach. Private enterprise is in full swing with a rash of spiffy-looking small hotels, pensions, holiday villas and restaurants springing up all over village. The explosive growth in St. Vlas translates into an ever-increasing number of diversions of tourists who opt to stay there. Visitors can also avail themselves of the varied amenities of Sunny beach, half a dozen kilometers down the road. St. Vlas is one of the two places in Bulgaria with clear indicated Mediterranean climate. The combination of fresh mountain air and sea currants creates a very healthy microclimate. The beach of St. Vlas moves on to the beaches of Elenire resort to the north and the wide beaches of Sunny beach and finishes with the beaches of Nessebar to the south.

Sveti Vlas /Saint Vlas/ town and beach resort
- Where the sea meets the mountain!

Why, where and how to buy real estates in Sveti Vlas?
Luxury real estates in St. Vlas. Saint Vlas properties. Properties in
Bulgaria. Bulgarian properties
Now you can buy properties in Saint Vlas /Sveti Vlas/
Bulgaria from 16500€ and 397€/m2!
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All rooms and apartments for rent in Saint Vlas >>
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All apartments for sale in Saint Vlas resort>>
All houses and villas for sale in Saint Vlas resort>>

Real estates in the resort "Sveti Vlas" /Saint Vlas/. Sveti Vlas has become one of the most developed real estate market in Bulgaria. Thanks to its  unique location on the mountain and the sea the resort every year attracts more and more tourists for the past ten years.
In this area of the market villas and apartments are very developed, not only foreign, but also Bulgarian investors prefer it to other resorts for for both year-round living and summer holiday homes. There is a whole Russian comunity in the areaof Saint Vlas. 


Why to buy property in Sveti Vlas:

     Unique location- where the mountain meets the sea - a combination of closely spaced mountains covered with forest, sea and spa provides a strong effect on people with asthma, allergies, cardiovascular, and other diseases;
     Incredible silence near the beach, on the contrary of Sunny Beach;
     There are clean air, good beaches, clear water and a lot of inexpensive restaurants in Saint Vlas
     beautiful nature


Saint Vlas's streets with cafes, restaurants and stalls, reaching almost to the sea.
Sveti Vlas is one of the youngest and fastest growing resorts in Bulgaria.
It is 3 km from the largest resort on the south coast - Sunny Beach and 5 km from the ancient town of Nessebar.
Has the first and only on the Black Sea harbor for expensive yachts
Regular buses to Sunny Beach with ties to Bourgas, Plovdiv, Varna, Golden Sands, Albena, Balchik and all.
This is not only a seaside resort and town with all amenities intact working year.
The resort offers a relaxing and quiet holiday, and for lovers of wild life very close to Sunny Beach, where a lot of entertainment such as bars, discos, water park and so on.


There are to your disposal in St. Vlas:

Many restaurants / bars;
Designated yachts on the quay "Marina Dinevi";
Private and public utilities beach;
Children's pool;
Supermarkets and mini;
Internet cafes;
Two piano bar;
Currency exchange and banks;
Beauty salon;
Amphitheater for evening performances;
Salon massage;
Stores and super-markets;
Offices to rent property;
Center with water attractions;
fitness room;
Bars and restaurants right on the quay;
Hotels 4 and 5 stars;
A rich selection of boutique shops in the alley berth

and all that is needed
Why to buy property in Sveti Vlas now:

Prices have reached the maximum cheaper price per m2 and some have already started to rise.
Prices in one and the same complex in the secondary market are cheaper than the primary.
Many complexes provide Promotional price or discount:
only for the first 10 apartments for sale
80% or  100% payment
until the end of winter, at Christmas, Easter, while booking online and on-time exhibition
for more than 1 apartment
In 2015, banks in Bulgaria do not give credits to foreigner fo rpurchasing real estates, but in Sveti Vlas you can buy on deferred payment direct from the developer:
up to 1 year - deferred payments>>


What property  you can buy in Sveti Vlas:

    Luxury beachfront apartments and suites for sale in complexes on the beach of St. Vlas:
studio with sea views from 105,750 euros >>
-bedroom apartments with views of the pool from 105,000 euros >>
2-bedroom apartment with a view of the pool from 139,500 euros >>
3-bedroom apartment with a view of the pool from 127,000 euros >>
   Seafront apartments for sale on the sea shore in Saint Vlas:
Studios from 50,000 euros
1-bedroom apartments from 65,000 euros (resales) >>
 Flats and apartments for living for sale in complexes 50-500 meters from the beach of St. Vlas:
studio from 542 euros / m2 and 21,900 euros with furniture 150 m. from the beach and unfurnished of 26,000 euros >>;
1-bedroom apartment on the lower ground floor of 327 U / m2 and 20,000 euros >> furniture, ground shared by 30,000 euros, on the 1st floor of 36,000 euros and a view of the pool and furniture from 39000E >>; 2 hkomnatnye furnished with sea view and installment for 1 year without furniture from 53,000 euros and furniture from 58300 euros; 1-bedroom penthouses with views of the sea and mountains from 95,000 euros >>;
2-bedroomed furnished with sea views in complexes without a pool of 85,000 euros (700 euros / m2) - >> resale; 950 euro / m2 furnished suite - overlooking the pool with installments of 86,000 euros >> and with sea views from 129,000 euros >>
-bedroom penthouse (with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths) from 200,000 euros and 1-year deferred payment>>
  Apartments in residential buildings without maintenance  500-1000 meters from the beach of St. Vlas:
studio apartments for sale - furnished - from 16500 euros >>
2-bedroom furnished with sea views from 55,000 euros >>
-bedroom furnished with sea views from 80,000 euros
3-bedroom apartments with sea views from 55,000 euros 700m. from the beach
House, villas and towhouses for sale in Saint Vlas:
villas and townhouses with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with sea view 20 meters from the beach of Saint Vlas, excellent for year-round, handing in rent and recreation:

         2 -bedroom - from 145000 euros>>
         3 bedroom - from 170,000 euros >>
         4 bedroom - from 265,000 euros
     Furnished townhouse with 2 bedrooms / 2 baths and sea views from 125,000 € >>
     Detached 5-bedroom villa with its own swimming pool and overlooking the sea in St Vlas for year-round living, holiday home or rentals  380,000 Euro 310000 euros>>

New complexed>> and off-plan complexes and under construction in Saint Vlas for investment, year-round living and rentals
Resale properties for sale in St. Vlas for investments, living and accommodation >>
Regulated land for sale in Saint Vlas from 100 euros / m2
Commercial Properties for sale in Sveti Vlas for investment and Business


The settlement Sveti Vlas was founded the Thracian tribe of Larissa in II. BC and named it in honor of the patron saint of trade Veles (Sveti Vlas).

Now Sveti Vlas - a quiet resort in Bulgaria, ideal for families. The tourist infrastructure of the city is actively developed, and each year more and more tourists to provide a wide range of possibilities for the organization

On the coast of St. Vlas offers stunning views of the ancient town of Nessebar.And also to Sunny Beach

Golden beaches, scenic mountain ranges, warm azure sea and numerous cozy bays are an integral part of the beauty of the resort Sveti Vlas.

The combination of a soft sea and mountain climate, crystal clear fresh air are extremely favorable for rest and recovery for energy and health.

Sveti Vlas has an amazing ability to reincarnate.

For each vacation here will be what he wants. For someone Sveti Vlas - a romantic resort town, one sees in it the possibility of privacy, and for some it is a resort of activity and movement, fun and enjoyable new znakomstv.Dlya pleasant pastime perfectly suited restaurants, cafes and bars of the resort, where culinary masterpieces satisfy even the most discerning gourmet.

 Fans of yachts already have the opportunity to visit Bulgaria by sea through the resort Sveti Vlas.
This possibility became a reality after the inauguration on Sunday of the first private yacht port in Bulgaria - the "Marina Dinevi".

In 2007, "Dinevi" have carried out an ambitious project "Marina Dinevi" - St. Vlas - the first private yacht club in Bulgaria, bows area of 26 hectares and a water area of about 40 hectares

The port has space for about 300 yachts, including the class of "royal yacht" 50 of them are longer than 25 m.



Each yacht has the necessary space: electricity, water, fuel charge (gasoline and diesel), internet access, cable TV, phone, fax. There is also 24 hour security and video surveillance.

Service buildings and tourist area include a five-star hotel, a seafood restaurant, piano bar, "for seamen", and other entertainment facilities, supermarket, shops, sports - wellness center, honey. item bank clone, laundry, etc.



In an office building located port administration, the boundary police checkpoint, offices and special rooms for business meetings and press-conferences

Climate in Saint Vlas
The unique combination of mountain and sea is the reason for the extremely favorable climate of St.Vlas. The region is part of the Mediterranean climatic zone and is sheltered from the north winds, which is why fogs are a rare exception here, and the chilly days during the winter months are about 26. An important feature of St.Vlas climate is the number of sunshine hours. Sunny days are about 240-260 year. Warm weather with a cooling breeze during the day is typical of summer and early fall.
The currents between the sea and nearby mountain gorge create a unique natural phenomenon which purifies the air. The natural sea breeze in combination with the crystal clear air provides excellent conditions for sea treatment and has a healing effect on bronchial asthma and other lung diseases. The favorable bioclimatic conditions allow the year-round use of the facilities for treatment, rest and recreation.

The Coastline in Saint Vlas

The main element of the natural potential of the region is the beach line. The whole of St.Vlas coast faces south and is a natural Riviera. The beaches are wide, clean and covered in fine-grained golden sand. The coast is divided into three separated beaches. The largest of them is Central Beach, which is 1,000 m long, 16 m wide on the average, and has a total area of 16,000 sq.m.

Tourist Opportunities in Saint Vlas

The generosity with which nature has endowed this region, and the entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality of local people stimulate the development of the main economic activity for the region – tourism.
St.Vlas is a prominent international tourist center. Every summer, tourists from all over the world visit the resort and take home indelible memories from their pleasant holiday in Bulgaria.
There are numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Hotel facilities are mostly two- and three-star, modern architectural gems. Hotels, family hotels, villas and private lodgings offer all modern conveniences necessary for your enjoyable holiday. The numerous friendly restaurants, fast-food places and cafes add to the pleasant atmosphere.
The tourist service corresponds to the latest trends in tourism and is characterized by high professionalism. Due to its closeness to the beach, St.Vlas - South Zone is the mostly attractive part of the resort. Over the past few years, this area was sprinkled with gorgeous hotel mini-complexes, enchanting visitors with their lush green parks and gardens.
St.Vlas is a small piece of heaven attracting tourists from all corners of the world. This is a place that will charm even the most demanding guests. Traditional Bulgarian hospitality will envelop you and is an iron-clad guarantee for a good time. There is a wealth of possibilities for your leisure - various water sports, sails and trips.

All properties for sale>> and for rent>> in Saint Vlas.

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