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Obzor beach town and resort. Obzor beach properties. Properties for sale and for rent in Obzor. Real estates in Obzor. Bulgarian properties.
Obzor  beach town and resort, Bulgaria video>>
The second town in the Nessebar municipality is Obzor. It is spread along a bay which begins from St. Atanas Cape and reaches the Emine Mountain – where the Dvoinitsa river flows into the Black sea. The town is on the scenic road connecting the south and the north coast: 65 km south of the international airport in the city of Varna and 74 km north of the international airport in the town of Bourgas. The distance to the administrative center of the municipality, Nessebar, is only 37 km.
Here the mountain, which gave its name to the entire Balkan Peninsula, tenderly kisses the Black Sea coast. This is one of the reasons why Obzor is making a name for itself as an attractive tourist center.
Obzor is a small attractive town, preserving the millennia of history of several civilizations, which successfully faces the challenges of the modern world.

History of
Obzor, Bulgaria
The town's history of more than 3 thousand years. First Thracians establish its settlement Naulochos, a small port on the coast of Thrace, a colony of Mesembriaor, called  also Tetranaulohas, Tatranaulohas. During the 1st millennium BC was founded by Greek settlers town of Heliopolis (sun city). Pliny called it Tetranaulochus
After the conquest by the Romans in the 1st century BC. built the temple of Jupiter and the city gets its name Teopolis (City of God) or Templum Iovis (Temple of Jupiter) - remnants of this temple are preserved in the city center. Later, that is where the summer residence of the Byzantine emperors. After time was built Bulgarian fortress Kozyak.
At the time of the Ottoman Empire in this territory arises settlement Gözeken ("Overview" in Turkish, "Obzor"in Bulgarian). Obzor received its present name in 1936. Obzor was declared officially a city in 9 September 1984.

Obzor Hill on Graham Land in Antarctica is named after the town.

The Coastline in Obzor, Bulgaria
The beach line of Obzor is extensive: about 10 km long and between 20 m and 60 m wide, total area of 361 000 sq.m. The sand is fine-grained and golden in color. The South Beach and the Irakli Beach are particularly beautiful. Guests of the town enjoy the beauty of the hospitable sea, but if they look towards the mountain their eyes will encounter glorious woods of lime trees, oaks, hornbeams and beeches. The sent of flowering lime trees in early summer is heady and unforgettable. The area abounds in valuable species of herbs, wild and fruit trees.
Tourism in Obzor, Bulgaria
Tourism is the main economic interest in the region. The fact that there are no industrial plants and factories within 50 km is extremely favorable. The vast plain between the mountain and the sea is suitable for the future expansion of tourist infrastructure. Investments in new hotels have increased over the past year. The accommodation is predominantly in small family hotels and guesthouses. Cozy single rooms prevail charm with the benevolent presence of the hosts and ensure a comfortable holiday. Locals are well aware that a tourist must experience true pleasure if he is to come back again.
Restaurant management is also a small family business here. Numerous small restaurants, bistros, kiosks offer an extensive selection of traditional Bulgarian and fish dishes.
Several modern hotel complexes were built, complying with the highest standards for a recreational facility and mostly two or three-storey , harmonizing with the predominantly low buildings in town. They are furnished and equipped using latest technologies.

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