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Lozenets beach resort - Properties in Lozenets, Bulgaria

- the most popular among wealthy Bulgarians beach resort with a developed infrastructure, beautiful beaches and the cleanest sea water in the region. Lozenets is a typical fishing village providing fresh fish and fish delicacies for local restaurants. The closeness of Strandja Mountain makes the village even more attractive and beautiful place to relax.

No need to choose whether to go to the mountains or the sea, just visit Lozenets. The village is small, cozy and comfortable. Dominated by two and three single-storey houses and villas transformed into cozy little hotels or rooms for residents. The village is dotted with greenery.

Lozenets combines sea and mountain climate. Average summer temperatures range between 22-25 degrees during the months of June and September and between 26-31 degrees in July and August.

Measurements show that the sea water in the resort village is the cleanest on the Bulgarian coast and the presence of mineral trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and others is highly valued by experts from around the world.

Long and diverse coastline, rocky Cape Ambelits and the cleanest sea in Lozenets are ideal for fishing and diving.

The wide coastline with refined service offers interesting sporting events regularly and has a surfing, wind and kite-surfing school.

Nature enthusiasts may be interested in nearby Oasis camping, Marsh Snowdrop Reserve, Ropotamo National Park famous for its pelicans, Strandzha with a national park of the same name, botanic garden, beech and oak forests, and Silkosiya Wildlife Reserve

Black Sea resort Lozenets gets the name of the decree №162 from 08.04.1931. This is the direct heir of the transition name of the village, which is the Greek version αμπέλι on the Bulgarian “loze”(vineyard). Along with EMBELETS it is popular in memories and witnesses parallel and as EMBЀLYA, EMBERLI.

Settlement in connection with the forced mass exodus of Bulgarians from Eastern Thrace and the southern slopes of the Strandja Mountain after the Balkan Wars (1912-1913). Formed the core of its inhabitants immigrants from the village of Velika also the village Starata Velika, and partly from the small villages Malak Samokov and Peneka about 30 km south-east of the town of Malko Tarnovo and immediately south of the boundary river Rezovska between Bulgaria and Turkey. From 20.09.1913 residents were forced to Old Great Turkish (military and administrative) bodies to leave the village within 24 hours and pass the new border between the two countries in the town of Malko Tarnovo.

After ten years of wandering in the region and fluctuations of dozens of families settled in the former village of Porovitsa (probably emptied at the beginning of the 19th century, possibly in connection with the Russian-Turkish war of 1828). In cooperation with the Bulgarian authorities in the spring of 1924 the creation of the urban cadastre and identify 20 sites for houses and courtyards, which were distributed among many settlers! A few years later (1928-1929) built a state loan of about 30 houses, which form the core of the estimated EMBELETS resp. Lozenets. However, at the same time providing land settlers Thracians with 50 acres of land per family and put (again!) On 5 acres of vineyards in area "Tarfa."

Cultural and natural attractions:

The church "St. George" in Lozenets - Village church "St. George" - built entirely on donations.
Just 1 km northwest of Lozenets just before the beautiful beach of the former camping Coral is a cave "Mechata lapa" (The Bear paw), surrounded by two heavenly beaches. Its name was given many years ago by old fisherman caught a couple of seals (sea bears) in their networks.

The holiday village is located next to beautiful sightseeing :
Strandja National Park;
The rivers Veleka, Karaagach and the Devil;
Ropotamo Reserve - located just 15 km away Lozenets. There are tourist boat trips along the river every day of the week;
The village of Velika and Botanical Gardens of family Seraphim - located 4 km. southwest of Lozenets where tourists can buy some of the proposed plant species;
Rezovo village, castle Kastritsion and Silistar Bay - located 25 km. south of Lozenets, Rezovska mouth of the river, the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. The village is the southernmost point on the coast of the Black Sea and has a rich ancient history;
Beglik Tash - the Bulgarian "Stone Henge" - is located in the buffer zone of the Ropotamo Reserve, 14 km away from Lozenets.


The  official celebration of the village is the 6th May. Every year on this day, tourists come from all over the country.

The village has organized many cultural events. Usually held in the central square of the city. The organization of various competitions and concerts different Bulgarian and foreign groups and performances of Bulgarian folk ensembles. In Lozenets held a national championship surfing and annual photo fiesta.

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