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Nessebar - a fantastically beautiful and one of the oldest cities in the Black Sea coast, and all over Europe. Nessebar is located on the peninsula, 3 km south of the resort "Sunny Beach", 7 km south of the resort town of St. Vlas and Elenite resort and 17 km from the city of Burgas. The city was founded in the II century AD by the Thracians and was named Mels. He then became part of the Greek colony and was named Mezambriya.

Almost throughout history it served as a trading port on the Black Sea. Then, the city passed to the Romans and in the year 680, Nessebar become Episcopal center. In VII-VIII centuries - strategic defensive Byzantine base.


Peak flowering Nessebar came during the reign of King Alexander I, when the city became one of the most important centers of the Bulgarian state. State donated huge sums to create more than 40 churches and monasteries in thisгороде.

After the Turkish government - city, oddly enough, was still an important port, but after the liberation became a small fishing town.

Since 1983, the city is included in the list of world cultural heritage under the auspices of UNESCO. This city is a rich treasury of culture of the Bulgarian people.

Beautiful sea, fantastic white rocks, unique hills of golden sand, the north and south of the city extend wide sandy beaches bordered by land natural sand dunes 7-8 meters in height. All this creates - an unforgettable scenery and fantastic atmosphere. At the entrance to the city, you will meet a charming old mill.

Nessebar is divided into two parts: the old town and the new town.

Nessebar Old Town
  video>> - a city-museum: still the leading cultural and spiritual center of Bulgaria. This part is located on the beautiful island connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus 400 meters.

 Residential buildings built in the era of national revival, in the style of the Middle Ages - all this puts the city in an atmosphere of romance and tranquility in the architecture of Nessebar - captured the country's history. There are no hotels as such, but you can relax in apartments and private homes where staff act as the owners themselves.


There are more than 40 churches and monasteries V - VI century, the ancient Archdiocese. As well preserved city gate, the ruins of the fortress walls, the central town square and a few residential buildings - dating from the XII-VI centuries BC, and has recently been carried out restoration and strengthening work. Byzantine fortress wall with ancient gates of III century, located in the east of Nessebar - a line between the old and new city.